OC Central is Only Connect’s centre in Kings Cross and the heart of our organisation. Our members (ex-offenders and youth at risk of offending) engage with social activities, and receive accredited training, practical support and therapy.




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Download our members latest Mixtapes to check out the talent and resource we have coming out of our Studios!



This is Only Connect’s fourth Mixtape release and for the first time we have teamed up with like-minded charity St Giles Trust and its SOS Project. Its SOS programme also works with ex-offenders and at risk youth, with a focus on gang intervention. The theme for this Mixtape was set around positivity and change. A total of 15 Only Connect and SOS members feature on this album, with input from hit producer Fabien Waltmann, Bionic (ex-London Posse), and Ziad of PureGroove Music. Tracks range from low down subsonic baseline with futuristic hip hop 909 trap beats, to reminiscent G-funk era hydraulic car-bouncing head-nodders, to surreal dreamlike ballads. This is by far Only Connect’s most ambitious Mixtape and a must to listen to and share!